Will a bright light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on bats?

Sometimes you do not have to worry about Virginia bats being around your house but bats are still one of the most dangerous animals that you will find on the planet. It is not about them attacking you or your family which they occasion do but it’s more on the diseases and parasites they carry that should worry you.

If a Norfolk bat bites you or come into contact with its faeces, chances are that you are likely to get an illness like rabies. In addition, the parasites they carry also spread these diseases and more so they are spread when even the faecal matter is dry through inhalation. This is the most reason people do not prefer having bats in their surrounding and the next thing on mind is how to eliminate the flying mammals. Many have tried to use the most recent technological ideas to scare the bats away like using bright light or playing high pitched music to scare them away.

Scaring the bats away with bright light or using the high pitched sound may seem to make sense. Bats are nocturnal animals because they are blind and therefore shining very bright light to them is a technique that seems to work. On the other hand loud or high pitched sound seems to scare them away as well. All these technique are quite employable initially but ideally they are techniques that cannot scare the bats away.

Consider the fact that Norfolk bats are flying creatures and therefore they fly around freely without necessarily having to follow a two dimensional way in the way the fly. Using the high pitched sound simply means you have to ensure the noise is scattered in all directions to scare them away. This is quite an expensive technique to use and also may cause distraction to your neighbourhood. Not everyone living close to you is able to withstand your technique of scaring the bats away. Other animals in your surrounding like your pet can be scared by this noise making it to run away as well.

The bright light technique is not effective either since you would need to shine the light in all directions and that can be quite costly as well. In addition, this could be disturbing to your neighbours who might not be pleased with you when you are shining enough lights to be seen from the moon. This therefore is simply not an option that will not work in scaring the bats away.

Desperation makes people employ techniques that they think might scare bats away only to be disappointed at the final outcome. There are a multitude of high tech machines that use wind, batteries, or solar power to operate to scare away the bats. They are basically high tech scare crows that startle the bats at first, but the bats soon realize that this repetitive motion is all the device is going to do, and they simply get used to the noise. Bats are uncomfortable creature to live in your surrounding therefore seek professional help on this.

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